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Interested in joining High Plains Drifters?  See below for some common questions and answers.  If your question is not answered, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and a Board member will contact you.

Group PicnicHigh Plains Drifters is the Denver Charter club of Fly Fishers International. Membership in HPD requires membership in FFI.  FFI handles national and international levels of the organization as well as provides charter clubs with important structure and benefits (legal, insurance, by-laws, membership).

New members can join both FFI and HPD through this website. FFI will issue a membership card in the FFI to the member.  FFI will invoice you directly when yearly renewals are due. The HPD Membership year runs March to March.  HPD Dues must be paid by Jan 31 each year to maintain membership.



Fly TyingACCESS.  HPD is an event oriented organization so membership gains access to said events and resources.  HPD hosts a dozen day trips, several multi-day trips, monthly classes, tying sessions, casting clinics and programs each year.  At the monthly meeting there is always a program by fly fishing organizations about various topics.  A yearly Holiday Party and Auction, photo contest and casting competition as well.

Experience.  HPD is a teaching organization interested in expansion and improvement of our beloved sport, fly fishing.  HPD’s members vary in skill level from novice to guide.  Members are always willing to exchange advice and expand their knowledge.

Right Place & Right Time Opportunities.  HPD members occasionally have the opportunity to acquire  gear/guide trips/professional clinics at reduced prices or to things otherwise not available (private water).  Monthly raffles and the yearly fund raising auction at the November Meeting also provide the chance to obtain fly fishing gear and flies.



cam00398.jpgHPD dues are $25 per year.  FFI dues are available in many formats but a single year individual membership is $35.



george_brown_antero.jpgA large majority (at least 75%) of collected dues go directly back to the membership in various forms such as raffle items, day trip lunches, speakers, club equipment, club improvement and event accommodations.  Dues not going directly back to membership are generally donations to organizations that support the conservation, reclamation and protection of our fishing habitats and programs or otherwise deserve our organization’s gratitude.







The below links will take care of things and get you signed up for HPD and FFI.  Download the membership form and mail it and your check to the address on the membership form.  We also always welcome guests at our meetings, feel free to attend and meet the club before you join.

Download the HPD Membership Application


JOIN FFI (Must be an FFI member along with HPD)


If you have questions about HPD Membership, please fill out  the form below and a Board Member will be in contact with you.

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  1. This is Dennis Henry. My membership expired- have been out of commission this year with two complete knee replacement surgeries. Need to get caught up on dues and would like to sign up for August 14-15 trip. I do not see an online form to pay dues or trip fees. How do I pay these?

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