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NEW 5/15/20

Il Pescatore Completo
Alberto Pugno, a fisherman in the Italian Alps, is the last known practitioner of an ancient style of fly fishing remarkable for its pure simplicity.

This is an excellent film about handmade wooden rods, horsehair lines and hand tied flies. A time when fly fishing was simpler in its approach and yet complex in its construction.  We today have such great tools to use in our pescador prusuits that we may not appreciate how much tech has gone into our gear.

I suggest you that tie take a serious look at Alberto’s simplistic flies that work.

Webmaster 5/15/20


NEW 3/21/20

European nymphing vs indicator nymphing

Pros and Cons. This is an excellent video about the European nymphing setup and how to fish it.

I will be changing my nymphing style this year.  Marshall Estes, webmaster.

New Resource

Fly Cast USA Fishing Forecasts

In 2019 Travis and Taylor of presented their fishing, bugs, flies to use reports on various streams around the area. Their reports are based to known fish habits during different kinds of weather, barometric pressure, sun and cloudy weather affects the bugs and fishing. Their recommended flies are always good.

This link   will take you to their flycast report on the South Platte Streams, Small local stream, Tributaries such as Williams Fork, Colorado River area and the Upper Arkansas River and the Pueblo tailwater area.  We have trips to some of these areas so check out the forecast before gearing up.

Other Fly Fishing Resources

Tim Flagler is one of the best fly tiers around and his videos are clear and easy to follow.
IMO Tim’s videos are the best fly tying videos on the web.


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