Trappers Lake – CANCELLED due to Covid-19

Date(s) - Thursday, Jun 18 - Monday, Jun 22
12:30 pm - 1:00 am

Trappers Lake


Trappers Lake Rd


Trip Captain:  Steve Cole >> Contact: 303-741-6450



What to Bring:

Food – Unlike past trips where we try and arrange a potluck every night we think it will be best if we think more along the lines of just sitting around a camp fire and trading tall tales each night. The lodge has a nice restaurant and although the cabins do not have kitchens you can bring a gas grill and cook outside. So in a nut shell everyone is responsible for their own food and drink.

TRIP CAPTAIN >> to add any info re clothing, belly boats, trailer boats info, etc

Site Information:
Trappers Lake sits in the Flat Tops Wilderness area located in the White River National Forest at an elevation of around 9,600 feet. The water from Trappers becomes the North Fork of the White River. For years a trip to Trappers was an annual event for HPD members, but it has been several years since an organized trip has been made so please join Steve and Larry and experience some great cutthroat action. Trappers Lake is listed as a wild trout water and said to hold the largest concentration of Colorado River cutthroats in the world. The Colorado Division of Wildlife collects spawn here in June and the fingerlings produced are used to stock other Colorado waters. To maintain the cutthroat population the CDW encourages that all brook trout caught should be removed from the water. Trappers can be fished from shore or by boat and a short hike will take you to two smaller lakes – Little Trappers and Coffin Lake and both have always fished well.

Lodging – Trappers Lake Lodge has only a limited number of cabins.  See Steve to make reservations.
These are basic cabins with heat and electricity with a bath house for all to share. Linens/towels are provided. Visit or call 970-878-3336 if you are not already booked for a cabin space and you would like to see if there is any available space left.

Camping – There are several campgrounds near the lake. The Cutthroat Campground (see map) is Larry Lester’s campground of choice – close enough to walk to the lake and sites that have room for RVs and pop-ups, but we don’t believe there are electrical hookups. The only campground that accepts reservations is Sheppard’s Rim.

Himes Peak campground is located 4 miles southeast of Trappers Lake Lodge directly off Trappers Lake Road. You will pass it on the way up to the lodge. Himes Peak campground does not have water. Sorry camping is not permitted within ¼ mile of Trappers Lake. The lake sits within Wilderness boundaries where camping next to a water source is not permitted.

Final Thought – If you are not one of the HPD members already booked for a cabin space please contact Steve so we know if you will be coming on this trip. This is a beautiful area and the fishing is a super nice added bonus. There is belly boating and Steve usually rents a rowboat from the lodge. Fly selection will be provided once we have a list of who is coming.



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