HPD Chronicles

HPD 2015 Calendars

We have less than 20 calendars left.  They are $12.50 each and we will have them at the club meeting on the 21st of January.  The calendars list all club trips, fly tying sessions and club meeting dates.

Kenneth’s RS2

November 2014 – John Green’s Brassie Emerger

September 2014 – Vern’s Foam Humpy

2015 IFFF Fly Fishing Fair

The 2015 IFFF Fly Fishing Fair will be August 11th-15th, 2015 in Bend, Oregon.

This will be the 50th Annual Fair, the first was also held in Bend.

Save the date. It would be good to have a contingent from Colorado attend.

August 2014 – Paul’s Modified WD40

IFFF Fair Registration Open

The IFFF Fly Fishing Fair’s Registration is open! Consult their website for information. See you in Livingston!


Spring is here and so is runoff.  A lot of the rivers are muddy and high but the still waters are heating up. get out to the ponds while the feed is on.

Chunky bow

Chunky bow

June 2014 – Rabbit’s Foot Emerger