Possibility interested in joining High Plains Drifters?  Can we help answer any questions?

What is FFI and why do HPD members have to join it?

High Plains Drifters is the Denver Charter of Fly Fishers International. Membership in HPD requires membership in FFI.  FFI handles national and international levels of the organization as well as provides charters with important structure and benefits (legal, insurance, by-laws, membership).

New members join both FFI and HPD  here on the website, then HPD submits the FFI membership fee to FFI each March. FFI will issue a membership card in the FFI to the member.  The Membership year runs March to March.

What does membership get me?

Access.  HPD is an event oriented organization so membership gains access to HPD events and resources.  HPD hosts a dozen day trips, several multi-day trips, monthly classes, fly tying sessions, castng clinics and programs each year.  At the monthly meeting there is always a program by various fly fishing organizations about various topics.  A yearly Club Picnic is held each July and a Holiday Party in December.  Casting competitions are sometimes held at the Picnic.

Experience.  HPD is a teaching organization interested in expansion and improvement of our beloved sport, fly fishing.  HPD skill levels vary greatly and it keeps our membership evolving and teaching the sport and the  area to new or less experienced members.  HPD has three FFI certified fly casting instructors and one FFI certified Master Casting Instructor who teach fly casting.  HPD offers the FFI casting skills program of Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

Discounts.  In general HPD provides the ability to acquire  gear/guide trips/professional clinics at reduced prices and is constantly affording these opportunities to the membership.  Raffles and the yearly auction also provide a unique ability to obtain almost any type of gear and flies at reduced costs.  HPD also hosts various opportunities to to exchange gear or make connects with local shops.

What do my dues go to?

A large majority of collected dues go directly back to the membership in various forms such as raffle items, day trip lunches, speakers, club improvement and event accommodations.  Dues not going directly back to membership are generally donations to organizations that support the conservation, reclamation and protection of our fishing habitats or otherwise deserve of our organizations gratitude.