Members Only Read First

Version 4 Effective 5/15/2019

To access the Members Only Menu, you must be registered on the website and logged in.

What you can do in the Members Only Menu is Event Management and Post Creation

Event Management

  1. Submit an event   >> Fill out the form and submit your event. Once your event is submitted it will be automatically published and show on the Club Calendars.
    • Be sure to choose the correct category for your event
    • Club Trips = All Day, Overnight and Open Trips >> Open Trips is listed as a separate category under Club Trips. Choose both a trip category and the parent category of Club Trips
    • Club Events = those events approved by the Club Management such as Annual Picnic, Dutch Oven Cookoff, Christmas Party, Fly Fishing Show Participation
      • Club Classes would include Fly Casting, Fly Tying, Fly Fishing, Rod Building or other class type activities.
      • Club Meetings are the monthly meetings >> Currently these are set for the year as recurring events and should need little maintenance
    • Club Admin are the Monthly Board Meetings >>  Currently these are set for the year as recurring events and should need little maintenance
    • Outreach is for community events such as the Fly Fishing show, Kids Day Fishing, Fly Fishing Rendezvous and similar events
  2. Edit your events >> on the Edit Event Page. The calendar will show only your events.  Click the name of the event to transfer to a Submit Event form for that event. Make any changes and Click Submit to republish your edited event.
  3. Book an Event >> is used to book an event [reserve space(s)] at one of the events requiring booking to attend.
  4. My Bookings >> View your bookings you have made to any event.  A booking is how you say I am going to attend in the Events system.
  5. Manage-Add Bookings will allow you to manage the bookings to your events,  The RECENT BOOKINGS SECTION shows any recent bookings.  The EVENTS WITH BOOKINGS ENABLED section shows all of your events with bookings available, the spaces booked and available and will allow you to manage the bookins for all your events. See instructions on the Manage Bookings Page.
  6. Edit-Add Location will allow you to edit any of your locations that you submitted. There is also a link to ADDNEW to add a new location to the system.  A location must be in the system before it can be added to an event.  Google any information about a location to have it available for input to the Events Manager System.
  7. Locations is a list of all locations currently in the HPD system.  It is only for club members.  I personally like the table format in the Edit-Add Location page best.
  8. Members Dashboard  >> Is for viewing and editing any posts you have made.  Or to publish a new post.
  9. Newsletter Subscription is for members to signup to our Newsletter and Notification list.  The Newsletter is one of the Member Benefits.



To view a list of club events, click any link in the HPD EVENTS Menu.  A list of events in those categories will be shown.


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