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This is the event submission form. All events will be published to the site immediately.

This form can be used for any club event including open trips.

  1.  Submit an Event such as the club picnic, a club approved fishing trip, a community outreach event or an Open Trip when a member would like to find a fishing buddy. Submit Event will bring up the Submit Event form.  The form is pretty self explanatory.  Be sure to choose the correct category for your event.
  2. WHEN >> do not check the recurring event box unless you want to set up an event that happens every month.  In the from and to date boxes. Click in the boxes to bring up a date picker for each each date. The little circles at the top of the calendars move the month back or forward. Or use the dropdown link to choose the month.  Clicking in the time boxes start and end will enable a time drop down menu. Pick the start time and end time if needed.  If an All Day event, just check the All Day check box. Leave the time box alone.
  3. WHERE >> choose from the drop down menu one of the locations on file for your place of event. If no location is on file, leave the location box alone. The system will show no location on the event. Otherwise all other chosen option will apply
  4. Enable Bookings >> At the bottom is a check box called Enable Bookings.  For anything other than Board Meetings and Monthly meetings, enabling bookings will allow members to respond they are coming to the event. The event sponsor will be notified of their booking so he can keep track of how many are coming.
  5. The bookings form is pretty self explanatory. If no attendance limits, leave the space blank. If there limits, input the max number allowed.
    Select the start date “tickets” are available and the end date.  (no physical tickets are issued. It is a method of keeping track of attendees.) Complete the bookings section completely.
  6. Review your submission, Input the number of attendees allowed in the empty box if it is empty.
  7. CATEGORY – SELECT the category for your event.
  8. CHECK – the I consent data box or the form will not submit.
  9. Then you should be ready to submit your event. Click the Submit Event and wait for the success message to know your event is now in the system.
    • An email notice will be returned to you that your event is live.
    • Your Event will be automatically added to the Club Calendar and lists.
    • If you submitted an Open Trips event and enabled bookings, the attendees can either get a ticket to notify you or can just reply to your email address or phone you gave them in the announcement broadcast. If you did not enable bookings, they can respond directly to the email or phone in the announcement.

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