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September 2014 – Vern’s Foam Humpy


Spring is here and so is runoff.  A lot of the rivers are muddy and high but the still waters are heating up. get out to the ponds while the feed is on.

Going for Gold

  A few days ago I was striping streamers in a small stream nearby. It was a nice surprise to see the size and color of this fish.  Most likely an escape from the lake.

New water

Most of you know that spring can be some of the best fishing of the year.  People drive hundreds of miles to fish places like the Dream Stream or the Miracle Mile but you don’t have to. Hours upon hours

Big Thompson trip report

Fished the Big Thompson this past Monday and am pleased to report, the fishing is on fire.  Despite freezing tempetures and 40 mph winds, the fishing was great. Thick midge hatches had every fish in the river looking up and