Club Day Trip: Fraser River

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Date(s) - Saturday, Jun 30
All Day


Trip Captain: George Frick

I am very excited for this months HPD Club fishing trip. 
Fraser is located on Hwy 40 just past Winter Park. The drive takes about 1 1/2 hrs from the metro area. 
I would like to meet at the Dinosaur lots around 6 am.  The dinosaur lots are located just west of Golden. If you take the first exit you come to after C-470, also known as Hwy 40 and the Morrison exit, we can all meet in the lot to the west and north of the exit. This upper lot is called the Mammoth lot I believe.  I have attached a map. We will meet across from the gas station nearest the parking.  I will bring some doughnuts and I also have a map of the area that we will be fishing in. 
If you Google ‘Fishing the Fraser river in Colorado’ (because Vancouver has one also), you will find a lot of info about it.  There is a fly shop in Fraser. The owner is Jeff Ehlert,(great guy). I will get info from them as well. Their contact info 970-726-5231.  
There are really 3 spots along the Fraser that can be fished. The first part starts around the rendezvous sales offices just at the north end of Winter Park then winds all the way through Fraser to the north end of town at county road 8.  The Fraser trail also runs the entire length of the river so both side of it are very accessible.  The 2nd public fishing area is a 0.4 mile stretch that is newly open to the public. This stretch of the Fraser was restored by the Colorado head water chapters of Trout unlimited. I have fished it a couple times this year already and as with the rest of the river, there are some very nice sized fish available. The 3rd stretch of public water is the canyon section just below Tabernash. It is accessible by BLM road and it requires a 1/2 mile trek down to the river and then again back out. It is not a hard hike at all but does require a bit of steeper type grade for 1/3 of the hike in and out. 
The Fraser is one of very few true free stone rivers left. I cut my fly fishing teeth on this river about 8 years ago when I started fly fishing. I used to live in Fraser and would often walk to the river if even for only a 1/2 an hour. You can expect to find brookies, browns, and rainbows as well as the occasional cut throat. I have been there when the DOW shocks the river and it is unbelievable how many fish are in the river. I have pulled 20” browns and rainbows out of that water on many occasions.  I have pulled some of the largest fish from directly behind the Safeway.  For real!  There are also a few ponds that are very fishable along the same path.  
If you have shorter / lighter rods, bring them. It is crazy fun to catch these fish on lighter tackle. Also, the river can get narrow with all of the willow bushes around so a shorter rod can come in handy from time to time.  Having said that I fish it with a 9’ most of the time simply because it is what I tend to have with me.  
The water is fishing very well as of yesterday, 6-12. It is definitely wadable and in fact I am sure I will wet wade during the trip. It is high enough in altitude that snakes are not an issue. I have never had any issues other then the mud and the willow bushes when wet wading the area. The flows will likely be a bit low since Denver water is still taking over 50% at the Moffat tunnel due to the Gross reservoir expansion. I am optimistic, however; that the flows will be perfect for fishing  by the end of January, as the reservoirs should be topped off by then.  
I have been having a lot of luck fishing with the Purple prince nymph, (my favorite). Yesterday there were many smaller caddis hatching and I got attacked by a few stone flies but I am not seeing much other activity at this point. Hairs ears, pheasant tails, San Juan worms, RS2’s and the like, all sizes 14-22 have usually fished well. I will update everyone as we get closer to the trip date.  
I look forward to seeing everyone and I am happy to help everyone find a great place to fish.  Feel free to give me a shout with any questions. Also, I will be providing a light taco bar for lunch so a good head count would be greatly appreciated. 
See you all on the 30th!! 
Feel free to contact me with any questions. 303-523-1676
22 comments on “Club Day Trip: Fraser River
  1. Ron Harris says:

    I’d like to RSVP for the Fraser River trip in June. Thanks! Ron Harris 303-378-8301

    • Greg Frick says:

      Cool Ron, I am thinking that we should all meet in the dinasor lots. I am also planning to have more info at the June mtg.

  2. Raymond H Miller says:

    I’d like to RSVP for the Fraser River Trip in June. Ray and Donna Miller —

  3. Greg Frick says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait. I am thinking about mtg in the dinasor lots. I will have more info at the June mtg.

  4. jeff jablonski says:

    I would love to make this trip, count me in

  5. Jay and Tamara Hutchcroft says:

    My daughter and I would love to make this trip since we are new
    to fly fishing.

    • Greg frick says:

      That is great Jay. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.303-523-1676 or
      It is going to be a blast. My wife and I fished today on the Frazier. Had one fish literally too big to get in the net. I am sure I caught over 20 fish today. All flavors Brookies Browns and some beautiful Rainbows.

  6. Brett Edwards says:

    Greg I plan to attend. We will be going up on Friday and camping at the Winding River Rv park until Monday. Looking forward to fishing some new water. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help out with the trip.

    • Greg Frick says:

      Thank you Brett. I will let you know if I think of anything. I fished in the canyon as well as in town today. Both places produced 18 and 24 in rainbows. As well as many brookies and Browns. Very fun day. There are still several blue Wing Olive hatches and the Caddis are popping around everywhere. It should be a fun time.

  7. Planning to fish with you guys

  8. Greg Frick says:

    Very cool Marshall. It is looking like we should have a good turnout. The fishing up there today was phenomenal!

  9. Greg Frick says:

    Hey there, just wanted to remind everybody. We will be meeting at the mammoth dinosaur lot at 6 am. We will hang out for a few minutes and probably leave around 6:15 to 6:30 from the parking lot. I will be driving and 06 white Dodge Dually pickup. Also, it would be great to hear from those who are planning to meet me at 6 a.m. You can text or call my number is 303-523-1676.

  10. Mike Vella says:

    I will be going with Dan Hogan and Paul Sherner. See you Saturday. Looks like a good day. Thanks for coordinating!
    Mike Vella

  11. Greg says:

    I have recently posted on FB a few pictures of flies that the The Winterpark fly fishing co. is recommending as well as an update for locations and lunch. To all of those planning to meet in the mammoth lot at 6am on Saturday, please shoot me a text and let me know. I don’t want to forget anyone.


  12. Emilio A. says:

    Greg, planning to go with you guys tomorrow ,!!

  13. Greg says:

    I wanted to update everyone on tomorrows trip. The fires burning in Grand county are near Grand Lake and west near Kremmling. Fraser is on the opposite corner of this very large county so the fires and hopefully the smoke should not affect us. The weather is looking good tomorrow afternoon for firefighters as well as for fishing. My weather forecasts show a likely chance of rain tomorrow afternoon so make sure you all bring wet weather gear. If you see lightning in the area I would strongly encourage everyone to seek shelter as Lightning in Fraser as with most places in Colorado is no joke. I am very optimistic with the weather and current conditions on the river. We should have a great day!!!

  14. George Tyler says:

    Greg, Dieter and I will be joining the crew. We’ll try to catch you at the parking lot, otherwise we’ll see you at the Safeway around 8am.

  15. Raymond H Miller says:

    Ray and Donna will be meeting you at the Mammoth lot at 6:00 AM — we are looking forward to a day on the river.

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